This project was funded by a University of Toronto Learning & Educational Advancement Fund (LEAF) Seed grant, with the title Language Profiles for Enriching Student Education through Cultural Contextualization.

Data collection for the project, including for sharing recordings of native speaker consultants, was approved by the University of Toronto Research Ethics Board (REB). 

To cite the project, check the “About language profiles” page.

The project is led by Avery Ozburn, but would not have been possible without the contributions of others recognized here.

Nathan Sanders deserves huge acknowledgements for all of the time he spent discussing this idea in its initial stages, especially with respect to the pedagogical aspects.

Samuel Akinbo’s work designing LPP maps, and training the students who created the others, has been critical to the project. 

Website programming credit goes to Liam McFadden, with design credits to Kaye Ocampo and Annika Nilsson.

LPP logo was designed by Kaye Ocampo.

The following students have helped make the LPP a reality:

  • Greg Antono
  • Yi-Ting Deng
  • Tony Juntao Hu
  • Ji Whan Kim
  • Patrick Kinchsular
  • Jiwon Lee
  • Liam McFadden
  • Lucy Meanwell
  • Annika Nilsson
  • Kaye Ocampo
  • Rikki Ocumen
  • Leah Rudmik
  • Siyu Tang

We would also like to thank the many community members who shared their languages and cultures with us! They are thanked individually in each profile.

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